Full Day Schedule

Full Day Kindergarten - 5th grade
Universal Breakfast and Morning Bell Ringers                15 minutes
Literacy Block                                                                  120 minutes
Math                                                                                60 minutes
Lunch and Recess                                                            45 minutes
Social Studies                                                                 30 minutes
Science                                                                            40 minutes
Art, PE, Writing, Health, Music, Computers, or Library   60 minutes
Flex time, ESL support, RTI, enrichment                          50 minutes
6th - 8th Grade
Universal Breakfast and Morning Bell Ringers                    15 minutes
Literacy                                                                                90 minutes
Math                                                                                    70 minutes
Lunch and Recess                                                                45 minutes
Social Studies                                                                    40 minutes
Science                                                                                60 minutes
Art, PE, Health, Computers, or Library