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What's New At Nightingale


KWN 2012 Video

Come Together 
Food Drive Message 2011
Don't Be Greedy
Food Drive Message 2011
Make A Difference 
Food Drive Message 2011

Playground Opening 
Nov. 2011

What is a Good Citizen

Mrs. Kouretsos Interview

Mrs. Sanchez Interview

Mrs. Soto Interview

Reading Night promotion


Mrs. Weiskopf Interview

Ms. Esparza Interview

What is PBIS ?

Canned Food Commercial


Canned Food Commercial

Nightingale Intro

Twist of Fate

Abe at Nightingale


Sneezing PSA

Bullying PSA

Do Your Best On ISAT Tests

Canned Food PSA


1992  Nightingale News

1997 News The Great Frog Debate

School Rehab 1997

New Addition 97 News


Science Fair 97 News

Spelling Bee 97 News

Hi Tech 97 News


More News From 97


Christmas Dance 97 News
Nightingale KWN Kite Flyers
In California