Gallery Slide Show 2015 - 2016

20% for 20%
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 20 for 20 Rally
Nightingale Parents in Springfield

 at the 20 for 20 Rally

Social Studies & Art Night 2016

"A" Honor Roll Breakfast

Nightingale Stars Talent Show Day 3

Nightingale Starts Talent Show Day 2

Nightingale Stars Talent Show 
Day 1

8th Grade Trip To D.C.

"Dia De Los Niños" Carnival

Pi Math Night 2016

Field Trip To The Shakespeare Theater

Field Trip To DePaul Basketball Game

After School 2016

"A" Honor Roll Breakfast

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Dance

Nightingale's Basketball

YMCA Dance Competition

Science Night 2016
SWAP Christmas Craft & 


8th Grade Holiday Party


Giving Tree

SWAP Backpack Gift
Food Drive 2015

Nightingale Food Drive

"A" Honor Roll

Christmas Tree 

 YMCA Talent Show

 Family Reading Night
September Picnics