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Bilingual Advisory Council(BAC)


The Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) must be formed at every Chicago Public School that has a State Bilingual Program.  The purpose of this group is to assist the administrators and the teachers in implementing the bilingual program at their school.

The BAC at Nightingale serves a dual purpose.  The Committee serves as a welcoming committee for parents new to our school, particularly those who have children enrolled in the bilingual program, or those who speak Spanish.  In this role, the committee explains the bilingual and other school programs to parents, works with the teachers and administrators to develop a yearly budget for state bilingual funds and generally assists with  cultural  initiatives at the school.  The Bilingual Advisory Committee also has a uniform sale each year to help parents and students select clothing which complies with  the school dress code.

The BAC also works in conjunction with the Parent  Teacher Association to provide fund raising activities for the benefit of the students.