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Florence Nightingale

A Tribute To Florence Nightingale

A Gift From The Fifth Graders In Room 206

Florence Nightingale is known to many as the "mother of modern nursing." She was born May 12, 1820 into a wealthy family in Florence, Italy. She was well educated and wanted to be nurse, which was unusual for a girl from her social class. She started by visiting sick people and brought them good food and clean clothes. Many patients improved because her care was different from the unsanitary hospital care of the early 1800s.

When she was 31 years old she studied nursing in Germany. She also learned by volunteering in hospitals in France where she was able to watch many doctors at work. She moved to London in 1853 and worked as head nurse at a hospital. Florence made sure patients received good hospital care.

Ms. Nightingale was later asked to take a group of nurses to tend to England’s injured soldiers during the Crimean War. Again, she made sure the soldiers’ received good, clean care and healthy food. After the war she set up a school for nurses. Florence continued to work for hospital reforms to improve care for the sick. She died in London in 1910 at the age of 90.

Throughout her life, Florence Nightingale unselfishly cared for sick and needy people. She was a hero and we are proud to be part of a school named after her!

Mrs. Bunting, Nightingale School Librarian and Ms. Laura Conroy, worked with fifth grade students from Room 206 on their Florence Nightingale research project. The students were excited to share information about their school’s name.