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At Nightingale School, we are always looking for ways for students and teachers to incorporate technology into their everyday work. We understand that the successful student of today should be comfortable with technology now available and that as the workers of tomorrow they should be acquainted with technology just being developed.

We put much thought into providing the Nightingale Community with some of the latest technologies possible.

Technology is an on going process.

Technology is constantly changing. It is our goal to maintain and improve our capabilities keeping an eye on what we must do to provide the best we can for our students.

Projects for the 2010-2011 school year.
  • Continue with CPS's Impact program at Nightingale including Grade Book and the Parent Portal.
  • Maintain the Enterprise version of Accelerated Reader.
  • Maintain separate backup of the student server.
  • Maintain the school website.
  • Document and inventory all existing computers.
  • Plan for future upgrade and replacement of aging computers.
  • In-service Teachers and provide classes for students.
  • Participate in ink jet cartridge recycling program.
  • Take obsolete and irreparable equipment out of service and prepare it for recycling.
  • Maintain Dibbles for the K-3rd Grade Teaching staff.
  • Maintain the wireless network, upgrade servers and memory in all the labs..
  • Maintain CPS network compliance rating.
  • Maintain the video on demand system.
  • Bring Study Island to students 2-8.
  • Provide typing instruction for middle grade students.
  • Institute the new electronic Scan tron and KLT testing programs.
  • Replace all the computers in the Upper Library Computer Lab,
  • Expand the use of the Computer Labs for on line testing.
  • Expand the Technology classes to include grades 2-8.