Special Education

Ms. Cassidy
Case Manager                 
K-3rd grade           
Ms. Conroy
4th - 5th grade
Ms. Kelly
7th & 8th grade
Ms. Kennedy
6th grade
Ms. Hintz
K - 3rd grade
Ms. McGowan
4th, 5th & 6th grade
Ms. Musial
6th, 7th & 8th grade
 Teacher Aides
Ms. H. Calvillo
Mr. Ramirez
Ms. I. Calvillo
Ms. Cruz 
Clinician Schedule
Team Day - Wednesday


Ms. Robinson - Nurse

Monday and Wednesday - All day

Thursday - Half-day PM


Ms. Bonilla - Social Worker

Monday - Half day

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Ms. Cintron - Psycologist

Tuesday - Half day

Wednesday and Friday - Full Day


Dave Johnson - Occupational Therapist



Ms. Blair - Speech

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Ms. Mata - Bilingual Speech

Monday and Friday

Ms. Mata - Speech Assistant

Monday and Friday